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Pyro World is your brokerage to trade digital assets worldwide.



Commission : 2 EUR Delivery Time : 0-3 Days

Final value can be different based on your banking execution time.

Accept, buy and trade our asset token PYC & Co

A local Over-The-Counter platform for your own business needs


Receive PYC from others within the community around the world.


Buy cryptos using a wide selection of purchasing methods via form or visit us locally.


Sell your cryptos whenever you want for local fiat – all it takes is one transaction.

Why trading OTC or P2P with Pyro World?

Low Fees

We charge a percentage of 1-2% at selling and buying.


PYC is a secure token on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) which can be traded with all named wallets.


The transaction will take seconds in arriving the desired wallet.

International Service

Although our headquarters is based in Estonia and Spain, we provide trading solutions to customers internationally.


Step 1

Download “Trust Wallet” on your Smartphone and install it.

Step 2

Add a new Token and choose the Red "Smart Chain".

this Contract and save it. That’s it!

Step 3

Track one of our offices to buy/sell PYC. Alternatively, contact us via form for higher quantity or other cryptocurrency.

Our Offices

Feel free to reach out in one of our offices below.

Pyro World Tallinn

Pyro World Madrid

Pyro World RD

Supported in +5 countries locally and +50 countries online

Join us and start sending digital assets around the world.

Trust Wallet -
anywhere, anytime!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Pyro World.
Pyro World is a financial company aiming to disrupt the industry by creating an advanced OTC exchange platform, enabling individuals and institutions acquiring digital assets.

PYC is an asset-backed token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that is pegged by real gold reserves held by Pyro Coin OU, a for-profit company based in Estonia. Each PYC token is redeemable for 1 gram of gold.

Currently we support our token Pyro Coin (PYC). For OTC Trades via form, we support BTC, ETH, USDT as well.
Visit one of our offices to make OTC trades or contact us online with the desired amounts.
We charge by buying/selling our tokens a percentage of 2%. Other cryptocurrency are individual according the desired limit of purchase.

Yes. The mínimum Deposit is 10000€

Yes of course. Just contact us via form or reach us in one of our offices to convert it back into fiat.

Over-The-Counter or OTC Trading do not occure in the same way as the rest of the market operations. These types of operations do not leave a public record or alter the market price. Is it usually used for large-volume purchases and sales, being a gateway to cryptocurrencies of institutional money.