About Us


Welcome to the opportunity to make a difference.

The foundation of My Baby Donor Agency is based on a legacy of personalized care and accessible guidance.

We pride ourselves in providing both quality care and transparency in all of our services.

For intended parent(s), we strive to provide the highest level in fertility care, by providing the very best in qualified candidates as our egg benefactors.

Within our medical network of high ranking clinics, we work with twenty of the nations most accredited Physicians in the field. As the agency, we serve as the intermediary between you, the donor, the intended parent(s). Along with the Doctors and clinics, we strive to meet the needs of our clients throughout the entire process.

Our customized service is committed to providing you with the utmost in compassionate support and personalized care. Our agency works closely with you to ensure guidance, medical support, information, resources, travel accommodation and more.

We invite you to contact us and begin your journey in making that personal step. The passage to making a difference starts with you.

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