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Your action alone will create new possibilities for tomorrow.

At My Baby Donor Agency, we work with you, the sperm donor every which way possible to make this process effortless and comfortable.

We appreciate your interest in making a difference for intended parent(s) who wish to create and build their families. As for yourself, the benefits are endless.

From financial compensation to personalized health care guided by our top Doctors and clinics. Expect the very best in customized care.

We will accommodate your travel expenses and assure you access to all the information, and medical screening. Enjoy significant benefits for yourself and the families you are making a difference in.

The Path to Parenthood starts here.

For the intended parent(s), finding a sperm donor can feel overwhelming, that is why we at My Baby Donor Agency will guide you through the actual donor selection process.

We will work closely with your personal preferences in trying to match the ideal patron type. As the intermediary, we work with you and the sperm bank to offer a vast variety of patron biographies and medical history.  This information will guide you in finding that ideal match and bring you closer to your path to parenthood.

With full access to our inventory of sperm donors, as intended parent(s) you can also benefit by viewing preferences based on a variety of races and phenotypes. You can also view details as closely as hair color, eye color and more. The choice is yours to make your vision a reality in creating your new family.

Access to the largest bank…information at your fingertips.

In comparison to other sperm banks, we offer the largest selection of sperm benefactors. Backed by over 30 years of experience, our internal web access will allow you to find a sperm patron who matches the criteria that is important to you and/or your partner. This includes information pertaining to the donor’s education, personal interests, family history and more. 

We make it personal so you can too. Quality assurance is our greatest achievement.

At My Baby Donor Agency, we operate in accordance with transnational trusted measures. We entrust quality control and excellent service as our highest priority to both our donors and intended parent(s). We want to ensure the highest quality and safety throughout the entire process – from the selection and webbing of benefactors and up to delivering highest in quality patron sperm for use in fertility treatment. This is to ensure a positive and mutually beneficial experience for all participants in this process.  We value the dreams of others and the difference they are making.

Become sperm donor to spread happiness in other's life


The cost of the donor’s sperm from the clinic is based on different factors.  Ranging from the quality of the donation, the patron’s choice of profile and whether the sperm patron chooses to be an ID Release or Non-ID Release. These and other factors determine the final cost.

Before you can have access to the donor’s sperm, firstly, you would need to be a customer at our fertility clinic. As a transnational agency, we offer a wide network of top-class fertility specialists worldwide. This network of options can assist you in finding the best match and get you closer to your journey to parenthood.

A preselected healthy man in his prime years of age, donates his sperm to give life to the dream of a child. After the donor releases the sperm, it is prepared for freezing and ultimately reserved for fertility treatment. The sperm patron is now accessible in our Free Sperm Donor Search and is now available to achieve someone’s dream of having a child.

Yes, we offer you the option to see photos of the sperm benefactors. This also includes extended biographies along with ID Release Benefactors.

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