Become a Surrogate

Become a surrogate and be a gateway for the expansion of love.

A surrogate is a selected woman who offers to carry and give birth to another person’s baby.

By making this choice, you are choosing to make someone’s dream of becoming a parent a reality.  For many people, the experience and wish of having a child is not only a rewarding milestone, but a life-changing gift.

The process of gestational surrogacy is followed closely by our support and guidance through each trimester. We at  dedicate ourselves to providing the optimum level of personalized support and resources to ensure your comfort and safety. 

During the early stages of implementation, the egg either comes from the intended mother or an egg donor.  The sperm also comes from either the intended father or a sperm donor. 

Upon utilizing the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process, the embryo can then be transferred into a surrogate or frozen. Commonly known as embryo transfer. Rest assured knowing that your eggs are not used in this process.

You made the choice, now deliver the miracle.

My Baby Donor Agency thanks you for your interest in becoming a surrogate to an intended parent.

The Surrogacy Process

Here is an overview of what to expect during the surrogacy process. Below you will find a step-by-step guide outlining the duration of the 13 to 20 month long process. 

Please note: Each individual and surrogacy is exclusive. Timeline may vary. Once you meet the criteria to become a surrogate, you must complete the online application.


Begin a new chapter and rewrite the future for the intended parent(s)

Step 1: Create your profile

– Fill out the online application and create an online profile in our portal.

– A Client Specialist will contact you from our agency via phone, zoom or in-person.

– You will be asked to provide any specific medical and OB/GYN medical related records pertaining to your fertility and any             previous pregnancies.

Step 2: Make that match

– You will be given options to match with intended parent(s) and they may request a meeting in person, via zoom or on the phone. 

–  You can view the intended parent(s) profile online and decide if they are the right fit for you. At My Baby Donor Agency, we will guide you through this entire matching process. Our goal is to ensure an ideal match that you feel comfortable with.

– A thorough background and criminal check on yourself and your partner (if applicable) will be conducted.

Step 3 - Medical Screening

–  At one of our accredited agencies, you will meet with an IVF physician for a thorough screening including but not limited to the         following; pelvic exam, ultrasound, blood work, cultures for STD’s and toxic substances.

– You will also have to undergo an initial psychological screening/evaluation to determine your overall mental health as well.

Step 4 - Contract

– Following your medical clearance, you will have a legal consultation with an Attorney at your disposal to discuss the contract        between yourself and the intended parent(s). You will not be responsible for any legal fees incurred.

– The legal contract must be signed and notarized prior to any embryo transfer or medication intake.

Step 5 - Embryo Transfer

– You will be closely monitored by the IVF Physicians office. They will provide you with a monthly cycle calendar, specific dates to notate along with administering certain medications and supplements. The IVF Physician will provide detailed instructions and closely monitor your scheduling.

Please note:  once injections begin, the Surrogate must abstain from sexual intercourse.

– Routine ultrasound and bloodwork will track your progress. Once your body is ready for the transfer, you will travel to the IVF                   agency for the procedure. If you require transportation, My Baby Donor Agency will accommodate you upon request.

– Between 12-14 days after the date of the embryo transfer, the IVF Physicians office will check if you are pregnant through a blood test. This will confirm if the surrogate is officially pregnant.

Step 6 - Pregnancy & Delivery

– During each term of the pregnancy, you will have regular visits with the OB/GYN to monitor the pregnancy. This includes routine blood work, ultrasounds and evaluations if there are multiple gestations.

Please note: It is important to follow all of the Physician’s instructions and continue the medication during the pregnancy as advised.

– Once the initial heartbeat ultrasound is confirmed, the first increment of compensation will be paid to you. 

– After twelve weeks gestation, you will then be released to an OB/GYN of your choice for the remainder of the pregnancy and delivery.

– In order to prevent any complications or emergencies, you will deliver your surrogate baby at the nearest hospital to you. Most intended parent(s) prefer to be at the delivery. Following the delivery, the baby(ies) will be discharged from the hospital with the intended parent(s). You will be discharged as well.

 Expect nothing more than optimum care.

At My Baby Donor Agency, we are here to support you. From the initial egg transfer to the postpartum period. It’s our commitment to your commitment.


Am I an ideal candidate?

Meet the criteria, then meet your match

To safeguard a healthy and successful surrogacy for you and the intended parent(s), we require that our surrogates meet certain criteria pertaining to their health, lifestyle, and financial status.

To qualify, you must meet the following:

  • Healthy reproductive history. This also includes those who have given birth to at least one child that you are raising.
  • No major history of previous pregnancy related major. complications or deliveries. No history of preterm deliveries. before 36 weeks (unless multiple births.)
  • You are between the ages of 21-39.
  • Healthy height and weight ratio (BMI is 30 or less.)
  • Must be a US citizen or permanent resident.
  • Be a non-smoker and live in a non-smoking household.
  • Must NOT take any illegal substances, or medications that have not been prescribed by your Physician.
  • Surrogate and/or spouse/partner must not have any criminal background.
  • Pass psychological screening. 
  • Ability to provide us with all relevant medical history.
  • Undergo screening for STDs.
  • Be willing to undergo subcutaneous and intramuscular injections.
  • Financially stable. Must not be receiving government financial assistance, welfare or cash aides.

Access to reliable transportation for appointments. *If not, My Baby Donor Agency will gladly accommodate you for your appointments.


Give the gift of family, reap the rewards.

By being a surrogate, it allows you the opportunity to make future parents’ wishes come true. Discover the ways you are benefiting yourself too.

Here’s how:

  • Surrogate’s are generously compensated for their generous contribution.
  • There are various benefit and compensation packages that are customized to you. 
  • Itemized list of expenses and allowances are also compensated.
  • Compensated for childcare reimbursement, mileage, gas etc. 
  • Compensation for the embryo transfer and an injectable medication. 
  • Your pregnancy compensation will begin following confirmation of fetal heartbeat. 
  • Your base compensation is broken up into monthly payments. 
  • After the delivery of the baby, the remaining balance will come in one final payment. 

Our assurance is that your surrogacy process is free of any financial obligation or fees.

At My Baby Donor Agency, as a first time surrogate, you will receive a complete benefit beginning at $55,000 for a singleton and $65,000 for twins. For experienced surrogate’s, you can make up to $80,000.

Find out more about our compensation packages today.

Risk Factors to Consider:

Becoming a surrogate is really about sharing the best gift you can to provide to a future parent. You came this far knowing you are making that commitment. That action alone in creating parenthood for the intended parent(s) is a pledge. 

It really is like any other pregnancy experience. However, there is a component of your decision that relies on a major commitment to the entire process.

There are stressors associated with this responsibility, but remember, you are not alone. At My Baby Donor Agency, we are dedicated to be by your side, guiding you and supporting you during each delicate phase.

We understand how important this decision is and the risks you are taking. And that is taken into full consideration. 

We understand the process and highly recommend that you thoroughly discuss any potential risks with your doctor. Making that final decision is key and knowing that surrogacy pregnancy has the same risks associated if you were pregnant with your own child. 

Pregnancy risks include but not limited to the following: 

Exhaustion, nausea, indigestion, constipation, weight gain, bloating, backaches, difficulty sleeping, stretch marks, loose skin, abdominal and vaginal muscle weakness, varicose veins, pre-eclampsia, placenta Previa, gestational diabetes, anemia, embolism, cardiopulmonary arrest, placental abruption, molar pregnancy, breast pain, higher blood pressure, hormonal mood changes, future infertility, permanent disability, and death.

Postpartum depression and other postpartum symptoms are also taken into consideration.


After careful review of your application, you will be contacted within days. Once you pass all medical and psychological screenings including the criminal background check, the process will officially begin. 

Some medications will require you to take orally or small injections through your skin. They will be scheduled in a timely manner and given clear instructions by the Physician. Protocol’s and details will be provided during each phase.

No, the embryo transfer itself is quick and painless. It only lasts several minutes.

Once the pregnancy is confirmed, you will receive monthly payments. If there is a balance, it will be compensated to you fully once the baby is delivered.

Although this never occurs, if the rare occasion does occur, the Attorney assigned to the case would work to find an adoptive family for the baby.

At a hospital closest to you in your state in which you reside. All expenses including medical and allowances associated with the surrogacy and pregnancy will be fully compensated.

For further questions

We are on standby to help you on your path to becoming a surrogate.

The quest to become a surrogate starts with knowing you made the right choice.

With My Baby Donor Agency by your side…making that decision feels so much more fulfilling.