Become An Egg Donor and Transform lives.

At My Baby Donor Agency, we strive to provide you with making the informed decision about becoming an egg donor.

As an egg donor, you know that your unique contribution is not just about creating and completing intended parent(s) to grow their families. It’s about your experience and knowing the difference in yourself and others.

The team at My Baby Donor Agency will support you each step of the way. You can count on us to guide you and accommodate all of your needs. We value each egg donation cycle as a valuable experience for every donor. This is to ensure an experience every egg donor looks back on as one of their greatest accomplishments. 

During the egg donor process, you can expect to be well versed on what you need to know to make an informed decision about becoming an egg donor. Our team will access you with the right tools and resources you need. 

As a pre-selected egg donor, you know you arrived here because you affirmed that decision of ‘making a difference on others’. By helping families who struggle to become actual intended parent(s). 

My Baby Donor Agency’s mission is to also create opportunities to make a positive impact in the world. And that starts here, when we see others struggle with fertility and given the chance to make a difference in this area.

                                         “Seeing a positive change in the lives of others  – forever. There is no other feeling.”

We invite you to watch the video below and become more familiar with the egg donation process. From the application process to the egg retrieval process, know that the team at My Baby Donor Agency will be by your side.

                                     A high level of support and care is within reach, as you embark on a life changing journey.


The time is now to become an Egg Donor today

Quick Q & A:

What is an Egg Donor?

An egg donor provides her own eggs to another woman or couple for creating a pregnancy through in vitro fertilization.

The process for becoming an egg donor?

  • Application completion
  • Matching with intended parent(s)
  • Medical evaluation
  • Psychological screening
  • Monitoring, blood testing, ultrasounds and fertility injections
  • Egg retrieval

What is involved in the Egg Donation Process

After your egg donor profile is published and uploaded on our secure database, the established intended parent(s) will be able to view it immediately. Here is the process for becoming an egg donor.

    • Being Selected by Intended Parent(s) (time varies): you may get chosen immediately, within days, within weeks or months.Due to the personalized process, the perfect intended parent(s) for you might be just right around the corner. Your admissions specialist will contact you to discuss the details of your match. This includes information such as where the IVF Doctor’s office is located and checking your availability. After the intended parent(s) sends us all the necessary paperwork and funding to confirm the match, you will be introduced to your Case Specialist. Your Case Specialist will guide you through every step of your egg donation process and through your egg retrieval process as well.
    • Medical Screening (within 2 weeks of selection): Your medical screening appointment will take place at the IVF Physician’s office. Your Case Specialist will help you set up this appointment and confirm your travel arrangements. All travel expenses and accommodations will be taken care of courtesy of our team. We will discuss these details with you.
    • Psychological and Genetic Screening (Within 2-3 weeks of selection): Which includes completion of a 15 minute phone psychological screening. You will also complete a full genetic screening if requested by the intended Parent’s IVF Physician.
    • Legal Contracts (within 4-6 weeks of selection):Your Case Specialist will send your details to the Attorney assigned to you and who will be representing you during your legal contract phase. The Attorney will draft the contract between yourself and you will sign a digital signature. Your Attorney will remain available any time to discuss the terms of your egg donation contract and to answer any questions you may have. You will not incur the cost of the attorney fees. My Baby Donor Agency will cover all legal costs for this process.
    • Medical Protocol and Egg Retrieval: (Within 6-8 weeks of selection):Your Case Specialist will have guided you up to this point, but you will receive medical protocol details from your IVF Physician. Your medical protocol will include things such as medical supervision for medications. It will also outline the calendar dates for your egg retrieval cycle. Your Case Specialist will also receive these details to continue to support you through the cycle. You will be able to ask any questions regarding the medical protocol or egg retrieval directly with your IVF Physician’s office.
    • Egg Donor Compensation: Following the egg retrieval, My Baby Donor Agency will immediately compensate you as an egg donor via wire transfer or mail a check to you. We will discuss your payment options with you prior to your retrieval.

Egg Donation Frequently Asked Questions

Once we receive your completed application, expect a response within a few weeks.

Once qualifications are met, a first time donor range for compensation starts between $10,000 to $15,000. The compensation increases by each additional cycle. Please note: Ivy League Graduates or active students will be compensated as well. Please inquire privately to discuss compensation options. 

The pre-selection process generally takes several weeks. Once you have been officially chosen as an egg donor, a cycle takes roughly three to four weeks. During the two-week period, you’ll need to come to the Clinic three to four times for a series of tests such as an ultrasound and blood tests. 


The next phase includes a series of injections that range from five to ten days depending on how your body reacts to the specifics. This is in preparation of the egg retrieval and is closely monitored by our accredited Doctors.  The day that you’re listed for the egg retrieval process, you’ll need to be at our clinic for roughly two hours. Throughout the cycle, most donors can resume their work or academy schedules that same day.

You have the option to administer the shots yourself. The clinic provides easy to follow instructions. Or, you may come to the center so a Nurse can administer the shots for you. The shots are time-sensitive and must be completed at the same time scheduled each day with no exceptions. Please note that the process will be automatically canceled, if any injections are missed.

A simple blood test, ultrasound and urine sample will be collected. Based on your results, we will inform you of your eligibility and final decision.

No, the egg retrieval process does not have any impact on your unborn capability to have children. Women are born with roughly 2 million eggs. During each monthly cycle, a group of eggs begins the development process. Each month, the body selects only one egg for ovulation while the remaining eggs get absorbed by the body. Therefore the fertility specifics “deliverance” as some of these redundant eggs that the body would have naturally discarded anyway.